Source code for towhee.models.utils.window_reverse3d

# original code from
# modified by Zilliz.

[docs]def window_reverse(windows, window_size, b, d, h, w): """ Args: windows (`torch.Tensor`): Tensor with size (B*num_windows, window_size, window_size, C) window_size (`tuple[int]`): 3D window size. b (`int`): Batch size d (`int`): Window size in time dimension. h (`int`): Height of image w (`int`): Width of image Returns: x (`torch.Tensor`): Tensor with size (b, d, h, w, c) """ x = windows.view(b, d // window_size[0], h // window_size[1], w // window_size[2], window_size[0], window_size[1], window_size[2], -1) x = x.permute(0, 1, 4, 2, 5, 3, 6, 7).contiguous().view(b, d, h, w, -1) return x